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Check Back for Chicago Counterpoint TV Updates

By FEI — August 13, 2014




FEI offers an exciting lineup of fierce litigators, passionate advocates and community leaders on  Chicago Counterpoint TV. Check back for updates on upcoming shows.



February 23rd, 2015 Attorney Jeffery Leving Hosts Nationally Acclaimed Matrimonial Lawyer Arthur Kallow On Chicago Counterpoint TV 

February 3rd, 2015 Internationally Acclaimed Attorney Jeffery Leving Hosts Divorce Lawyer Misty Gamino on Chicago Counterpoint TV 

January 27th, 2015 Chicago Counterpoint TV Features Top Chicago Divorce Attorney Maureen Gorman 

January 6th 2015 Chicago Counterpoint TV Premiere Features Illinois Super Lawyer James M. Hagler



March 25, 2014 Former Chicago Bear Dez Clark and Attorney Jeffery Leving Discuss Helping Youth Succeed on Counterpoint TV Season Finale

March 18, 2014 Clinical Psychologist Dr. Alan Childs Featured on Counterpoint TV with Chicago Divorce Attorney James Hagler

February 17, 2014 Top Chicago Litigator Leslie Poole Featured on Chicago Counterpoint TV with Host Jeffery Leving

February 4, 2014 Top Chicago Divorce Lawyer William K. Bass Featured On Chicago Counterpoint TV

January 9, 2014 Chicago Matrimonial Lawyer Maureen Gorman Gets Unemployed Dad Back to Work for a Great New Year

January 2, 2014  Chicago Counterpoint TV Premiere Features Top Chicago Divorce Attorney Maureen Gorman



June 20, 2013 AttyJeffery Leving Discusses Fathers’ Rights on CAN TV with Rev. Walter Jones

































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