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 Fatherhood Videos

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Featured Fatherhood Video:

The Fatherhood Educational Institute’s goal is to promote positive paternal involvement to create a better future for our children. Part of that is providing virtual visitation to fathers that cannot be physically present, such as military fathers or incarcerated fathers.

Here is the story of Maurice, an incarcerated father. Without virtual visitation, Maurice missed out on many of the crucial years that connect a father and daughter. Now a teenager, his daughter Brighai confesses to the hardships of growing up without her father’s presence and how virtual visitation would have helped to prevent them.

Incarcerated fathers are not alone – military fathers and disabled fathers suffer from the same issue. This fatherhood video tells the story of one man, but there are thousands of fathers and children who could benefit from virtual visitation.

Email us at mail@fatherhood-edu.org to find out what you can do to contribute to our virtual visitation project and help to empower incarcerated fathers to assume the responsibility for their children, both during and after their release from incarceration.

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