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The Fatherhood Educational Institute Announces $25,000 Donation from Attorney Jeffery M. Leving

By FEI — February 15, 2012

Chicago, IL – December 29, 2009 — The Fatherhood Educational Institute (FEI, https://fatherhood-edu.org) will benefit from a $25,000.00 donation from fathers’ rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving, announced Claude Ohanesian, President of FEI.

“Jeffery Leving’s steadfast commitment to providing fathers with the resources they need to remain a positive presence in their children’s lives is extraordinary,” Ohanesian said. “A contribution of such significance in this turbulent economic climate will strengthen FEI’s ability to provide services to at-risk fathers.”

Leving hopes his donation will provide a needed jumpstart to the organization’s proposed virtual visitation program for incarcerated fathers in Illinois, which will allow non-violent, short-term offenders to maintain contact with their children while they are incarcerated.

“Research has shown that men who communicate regularly with their families during incarceration have significantly lower risk of recidivism,” said Leving. “My donation will hopefully allow FEI to take the first steps toward implementing virtual visitation for fathers in Illinois correctional facilities, which will have a tremendous impact on the families benefiting from the program.”

The Fatherhood Educational Institute is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to educating fathers about their rights and responsibilities and empowering them to stay involved in the lives of their children. 

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