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Leading Matrimonial Attorney Andrey Filipowicz to Appear on Jeffery Leving’s TV Show “Chicago Counterpoint” Tonight

By FEI — February 15, 2012

Chicago, IL—Jan 19, 2012 — Internationally renowned Fathers’ Rights Attorney and author Jeffery M. Leving (of http://dadsrights.com) will feature leading matrimonial and appellate attorney Andrey Filipowicz as his guest legal expert on the “Chicago Counterpoint” show on CAN-TV/Ch.21 at 8:00PM tonight. Mr. Filipowicz will provide winning strategies for cases that appear to have been lost. These two recognized Super Lawyers will discuss the importance of timely filed motions and appeals and how to craft legal approaches that can lead to snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Attorney Filipowicz has practiced law for over 26 years and has made a name for himself by taking over and winning cases from attorneys who had lost them by offering real solutions for clients that have given up hope. In addition to winning difficult cases on appeal, Filipowicz’s creative and pragmatic tactics have led him to numerous case victories, including the recent termination of a permanent maintenance award of over $7000.00 per month. Filipowicz secured an order terminating a five year old award of permanent maintenance (formerly called alimony) which his client characterized as “extortionate” by partnering with Private Investigator Wayne Halick. Based on careful and methodical preparation and sharp cross examination in court, Filipowicz was able to secure a court finding that the former wife was secretly cohabiting with another man which led to the outright termination of maintenance.

In a recent case victory, Filipowicz convinced the Judge to vacate her previous order where all the marital assets were awarded to the wife and the husband was awarded all the debts. The judge also ordered the husband to pay the wife’s lawyer over $100,000.00 in attorney’s fees within seven days or risk being jailed for contempt of court. Filipowicz then filed an emergency motion to set aside this order which was granted.

Filipowicz persuaded the court to set aside a ten year old child support of over $45,000.00 by filing a Motion to Quash Service of Summons which vacated the Judgment and secured an order for parentage testing. This resulted in no further order of parentage in the case and therefore no present or future awards of child support whatsoever.

“Often a client will come to the decision, after receiving notice of a default judgment, or after losing a motion or a trial, that his or her only option is to abandon hope. That is the last thing a client should do. Careful analysis, knowledge of the law and the right approach can turn a case around.” said Mr. Filipowicz.

“Chicago Counterpoint” Host Atty. Jeffery Leving has co-authored the new Illinois Right to DNA Testing Notice and Unlawful Visitation and Parenting Time Interference Laws, as well as the Joint Custody Law.

CAN-TV Chicago Access Network Television has five local, non-commercial channels that reach over one million viewers throughout Chicago.

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