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Fatherhood Educational Institute’s President Claude Ohanesian on CAN-TV Fatherhood Educational Institute’s President Claude Ohanesian on CAN-TV

By FEI — February 15, 2012

Chicago, IL – July 28, 2011 – Leading fathers’ rights attorney Jeffery M. Leving will feature the president of the not-for-profit Fatherhood Educational Institute (https://fatherhood-edu.org) Claude Ohanesian tonight on “Chicago Counterpoint” on CAN-TV (Ch.21) at 7:30 PM.

Mr. Ohanesian is the Managing Director for Oak Family Advisors, LLC. He sits on the board of directors and financial committee for Kobe College and has served on the guild board of the Chicago Botanic Garden and the board of trustees at the Armenian All Saints Church in Glenview.

The Fatherhood Educational Institute (FEI) was founded by matrimonial attorney Jeffery M. Leving to promote the positive involvement of fathers in the lives of their children in poverty stricken communities. Named one of “America’s Best lawyers” by Forbes Radio, Mr. Leving is also the publisher of Leving’s Divorce magazine (http://levingsdivorcemagazine.com) and the author of two top selling books – Fathers’ Rights and Divorce Wars.

“The Fatherhood Educational Institute is here to help fathers, and also children, families, and our communities. Children who don’t have the presence of a responsible father in their lives are more likely to use drugs, exhibit violent behavior, and drop out of school. This organization is good for our society, and I am very pleased to be a part of it,” said FEI President Claude Ohanesian.

“FEI covers the multifacted educational needs of fathers as it relates to their positive involvement in their families and communities,” said attorney James Hagler, director of the Fatherhood Educational Institute.

CAN-TV, Chicago Access Network Television, allows members of the community to voice their opinions on television. CAN-TV has five local, non-commercial channels that reach over 1 million viewers throughout Chicago.

For more information contact the Fatherhood Educational Institute at (312) 795-9060 or at info@fatherhood-edu.org.

The Fatherhood Educational Institute is a Chicago-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to educating fathers about their rights and responsibilities and empowering them to stay involved in the lives of their children. 

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