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Caring Fathers’ Stories on Our Black Heritage Web Site

By FEI — February 01, 2013

To celebrate Black History Month, Our Black Heritage is sharing the stories of caring fathers who are making LIVING HISTORY by turning the tide against our national crisis of father absence. While Our Black Heritage is a site devoted to historical documents, our affiliation with the Fatherhood Educational Institute and President Obama has incited us to take a look at the important trends occurring in African-American history AS IT HAPPENS TODAY. Principal among these, from our point of view, the fight to establish numerous responsible and loving black male role models in African-American communities so that children have father figures that they can look up to.


The first story of a caring black father that we would like to share is that of our very own Todd Cole, who was recently chosen by the legendary newspaper, The Chicago Defender, as a 2013 “Man of Excellence.” Please read Todd’s story here: http://ourblackheritage.com/index.php/celebrating-black-history/

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