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Attorney Andrey Filipowicz Receives the 2012 Jeffery M. Leving Child Protection Award

By FEI — May 29, 2012

Attorney Andrey Filipowicz was honored by FEI’s president with the Jeffery M. Leving Child Protection Award in recognition of International Missing Children’s Day 2012 at the Union League Club


On May 25, 2012 Attorney Andrey Filipowicz was honored with the Jeffery M. Leving Child Protection Award for his unwavering commitment to the protection of children through legal advocacy on behalf of fathers and families across the world. Mr. Filipowicz has numerous court victories and is known as a “Super Lawyer” amongst  his peers. Streetwise Magazine also recognized Filipowicz in the article below for his outstanding achievement in child protection.

Attorney Andrey Filipowicz Honored with 2012 Child Protection Award


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